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Heavy-Duty Tree Stake Crop Applications

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Heavy-duty tree stakes are a critical component for the safety, support, and development for newly planted young trees for numerous varieties of trees and plants. When done correctly, tree stakes can enhance the growth of your trees or plant for years to come. These types of stakes can support the maturation and growth of an abundance of species of plants and trees, while providing convenience and ease of use for the grower. Depending on your specific growing needs and crop, heavy-duty tree stakes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Tree Stakes for Most All Crop Applications

Phoenix tree stakes provide unique solutions for almondspistachioswalnutspecans, and stone fruit props within the orchard industry.  At Phoenix we also carry a large line of posts for berry farm and farm fence post applications. Our advanced quality stakes are also manufactured specifically for your unique application needs. In addition, each of our heavy-duty tree stakes are fully warranted for driveability, which provides a peace of mind that cannot be matched unless we have the quality to back it up.
With so many options for treated stakes, we always have a wide range of tree stake options for your crop applications. Let us help you with your next project Request a quote or Contact Us at 559-271-2377 today. 

Key Advantages of Heavy Duty Tree Stakes 

No matter your crop application needs, our tree stakes will provide your crops with the support and structure that they require to fully thrive to maturity. Some of the additional benefits of utilizing a heavy-duty tree stake from Phoenix Enterprises include:
  • Every post and tree stake carries with it a performance warranty.
  • Phoenix maintains a large, in-stock inventory.
  • Stakes are ready for immediate shipment.
  • All stakes and posts are milled in Oregon at our own mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises
  • Phoenix does not permit treatment shortcuts. 
  • Every product is treated to spec, never to “refusal.”
  • Wood is treated locally in California.
  • Full and partial truckload shipments are available.

Dimensional & Round Tree Stakes for Pistachios

At Phoenix we treat all our pistachio round wooden stakes with ACZA wood pressure treatment, which extends the life of the stake. This treatment also protects against the stake against insects and different types of fungi. Pistachio tree stakes are also available in numerous sizes and are manufactured from either strong Douglas Fir or flexible steel to support your specific needs.
American-made Flexible Steel Tree Stakes are becoming the next solution for staking pistachio trees.  It has been reported that the flexible steel can enable the trees to bigger root balls faster, as well as a bigger trunk and more expansive canopies.  This results in trees in production much sooner versus using sturdy, but inflexible, wooden tree stakes.  Our steel stakes are sourced exclusively from a USA mill, using only proven quality and tested American steel, that meets only the highest standards of quality. 
These steel stakes are environmentally friendly, with the steel stakes made only from recycled American steel, and this steel is perfect for recycling after removal for hassle-free disposal.
Phoenix is the ONLY on-ground inventory supplier of flexible steel stakes in California. Order a small test quantity today, or join many of our innovative growers that are switching to American made flexible steel stakes.

Dimensional & Round Tree Stakes for Almonds

Our almond tree stakes are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are treated with CCA for added protection against all levels of exposure, including both fresh and salt water. These advanced quality stakes are also manufactured from Douglas Fir in various sizes.

Walnut Round Tree Stakes

Phoenix Enterprises utilizes only the sturdiest and knot free Douglas Fir to manufacture our advanced quality walnut tree stakes. These stakes are treated with ACZA or CCA for premium protection against carpenter ants, woodpeckers, fire and more.

Pecan Round Tree Stakes

For premium pecan tree care it is imperative to utilize a tree stake that will stand up to an array of elements. Our pecan tree stakes are pressure treated with ACZA outdoor preservative, which effectively penetrates coastal Douglas Fir wood.

Stone Fruit Heavy Duty Tree Props

At Phoenix our stone fruit tree heavy-duty tree props are completely customizable to your specific orchard requirements. These heavy-duty stone fruit tree props are also specifically sourced from super strong and true Oregonian Douglas Firs.

Heavy Duty Vineyard Posts

Our advanced quality vineyard posts are manufactured from premium Oregonian Lodgepole Pines,or  the cores of super strong Douglas Firs.. These posts are also ACZA or CCA pressure treated for maximum water protection.

Berry Farm Heavy Duty Stakes & Posts

These dimensional or round tree berry farm stakes are manufactured from only the finest Oregon and British Columbia Douglas Fir trees These posts are ultra-consistent, with each post being nearly identical to the next. The CCA wood treatment and ACZA wood treatment also provide protection against wood decay, fungi and bacteria.

Vegetable Farm Stakes

Phoenix’s vegetable farm stakes are exclusively manufactured from super strong Douglas Fir trees that are harvested in Oregon. These heavy-duty stakes are available in either ACZA treated wood or untreated, while maintaining a 99% drivability warranty.

Heavy Duty Farm and Ranch Fence Posts

Our premium quality farm and ranch fence posts are manufactured from eitherDouglas Fir or Oregon Lodgepole pines. Each post is completely consistent and true.  The ACZA treated Douglas Fir 3.5” or 4” posts areprovided a 15-year warranty fromAarch Chemicals. The Oregon Lodgepole Pine posts are treated with CCA pressure treatment to the extremely high standards of .40 retention, never to just “refusal”.  Our experience with this high standard of cca treated wood provides many years of performance. 

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Phoenix Enterprises carries a wide range of tree stake options across many crop applications. Contact us for more information regarding our tree stake options, or request a quote for an in-depth price analysis today.
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