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  • Landscaping Nursery Tree Stakes
    Landscaping Nursery Tree Stakes

Heavy-duty, bulk commercial nursery and landscaping tree stakes are manufactured from premium Douglas Fir trees and are ideal for supporting the growth of young, maturing trees. All landscaping and nursery tree stakes are produced from high-quality, heavy-duty wood milled and processed by our own mill. Everything we source is from our mill, a related company, Tioga Pacific Enterprises, and pressure treated locally. This means we pick the wood to make the stakes, we control the quality, and we control the production capacity. With Tioga Pacific Enterprises and Phoenix Enterprises, from raw wood to the delivered pressure treated stake, we control the entire process and deliver a product we know.

Sizes Available from 4 Foot to 12 Foot Tree Stakes

At Phoenix Enterprises, our bulk Douglas Fir landscaping nursery tree stakes are designed to support the growth of all types of tree and plant applications. No wholesale provider of premium commercial nursery and landscaping tree stakes keeps more inventory on-ground in California for immediate delivery.

For industry-specific stake and post recommendations or general inquiries, please contact us or give us a call at 559-271-2377, and we will be more than happy to assist you with your commercial tree stake needs.

Bulk Nursery & Landscaping Tree Stake Features

Phoenix Enterprises’ wholesale landscaping and nursery stakes and posts are always free of knots and mold and are pre-sorted for quality and suitability. Our premium wood is pre-dried to allow for maximum chemical penetration, meeting the highest industry performance standards. High-quality bulk nursery and landscaping tree stake features include:
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Short lead times
  • Always in stock
  • Performance warranty provided
  • Consistent knot-free stock
  • Simple and safe to handle and transport
  • Outstanding long-term performance
  • Better CA-C pressure treatment penetration
  • Friendly, knowledgeable support staff
  • Full size 2” round
  • Short LT
  • Buy Direct. Buy Phoenix

Round 10 Foot Tree Stakes for Commercial Landscaping

Standard commercial landscaping 2” x 10’ round tree stakes are manufactured from 10’ round Douglas Fir. The Phoenix quality assures there are no knots, and the tree stakes are consistent and straight. With Phoenix Enterprises in complete control of the manufacturing process, quality is guaranteed. At Phoenix Enterprises, we sell our landscaping tree stakes in bulk to provide you with the finest commercial landscaping tree stakes at a competitive price point.

Commercial Nursery Tree Stake Industry Applications

Wholesale nursery tree stakes effectively assist the growth of young growing trees that have not reached maturity. Nursery tree stakes are often used in commercial settings where large amounts of stakes need to be established to maintain the proper growth of numerous trees. Having been field-tested within the nursery industry for well over a year and in use by orchardists for over 10 years, Phoenix Enterprises’ nursery tree stakes provide proven performance. We provide manufactured bulk landscaping and nursery tree stakes that will improve the growth of a nearly unlimited variety of crops and trees for the following applications:

Nursery Redwood Boxes

Phoenix Enterprises sources beautiful redwood directly from the mill. Each box is built with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Box sizes include:
  • 24”
  • 30”
  • 36”
  • 48”

Short Lead Times & Guaranteed Delivery Dates for All Commercial Tree Stakes

At Phoenix Enterprises, we have established relationships with numerous customers throughout the nursery, landscaping, orchard, and vineyard industries. We can provide you with the commercial tree stakes you need when you need them. Our standard lead times are 1-2 weeks from PO to in the yard delivery. Since our commercial landscaping tree stakes are directly manufactured from dimensional Douglas Fir, we maintain an unlimited, delay-free supply. Additionally, our ACQ wood stake pressure treatment outperforms the treatment added to round lodgepole pine stakes.

Contact Phoenix Enterprises for Commercial Landscaping & Nursery Tree Stakes Today

Contact us for more information regarding our Douglas Fir manufactured bulk commercial tree stakes, or request a quote for further pricing details today. We are your premier commercial nursery tree stakes provider.


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