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Wood Pressure Treatment Options

  • The key to successful pressure treatment is dry poles, like these hop poles
    The key to successful pressure treatment is dry poles, like these hop poles
Phoenix Enterprises focuses on three (3) wood pressure treatments.  Our wood is pressure treated locally in Riverbank, CA, and each treatment is tracked to provide Phoenix customers full accountability of the product they receive.

ACZA Pressure Treatment

Also known as chemonite.  ACZA is the best and when used on I-Posts it provides an unmatched 15-year warranty.  For the toughest agricultural conditions, this is the best solution.

CCA Pressure Treatment

Used on stakes, but primarily used on our Oregon Lodgepole Pine Posts.  A strong, durable, dependable treatment.  When treated to the right specs (specs that Phoenix adheres to), it is not uncommon to see CCA treated posts to last 15, 20, even 25 years.

CAC Pressure Treatment

Copper azole type C (CA-C) is the newest residential wood pressure treatment application and is primarily used for nursery applications.

  • Phoenix never treats just to “refusal”.  Phoenix treats every post and stake to AWPA industry standards.
  • Every treatment is accounted for and tracked, with reports, providing assurance of performance.
  • There are no short-cuts to pressure treating.  There are no magical ways to pressure treat for a lower price.
  • At Phoenix we pressure treat to provide products that meet the performance need.  And can always be counted on.

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Phoenix Enterprises ships nationwide and we carry a wide range of tree stake options across many crop applications. To learn how we can pressure treat your agricultural stakes for your next project, Request a quote or Contact Us at 559-271-2377 today. 


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