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Walnut Tree Stakes

  • 2 x 8 Doug Fir Round Tree Stakes, from Phoenix Enterprises
    2 x 8 Doug Fir Round Tree Stakes, from Phoenix Enterprises
Phoenix Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and distributor of extremely strong and durable walnut tree stakes. We offer both wooden and steel round stakes that are specifically manufactured for the nurturing and support of growing walnut trees. Our wooden walnut tree stakes are derived from premium Douglas Fir trees from our own mill in Oregon, providing exceptional strength and durability.

To learn more about our wood tree stakes and steel commercial walnut tree stakes, contact us or request a quote for further pricing details today. We have the history and capability to be your premier supplier of advanced quality walnut tree planting stakes.

Premium Quality Walnut Tree Stake Manufacturing Processes

Phoenix Enterprises controls the manufacturing and production of all the walnut tree planting stakes that leave our facilities because we have our own mill in Oregon. This means our customers receive a strong, driveable tree stake that is free of knots, consistent in quality and is backed by our 100% usability guarantee. Phoenix Enterprises can be your sole partner in advanced tree stake solutions.

Wood Stake Features

Phoenix Enterprise’s wood stakes to support growing walnut trees promotes progressive tree growth and provides enhanced protection from wind, and inclement weather. Some of the premium features and benefits associated with driveable walnut tree planting stakes, include:
  • Douglas Fir stakes provide increased strength and flexibility
  • Expertly sorted to remove knots and weaker stakes
  • Friendly support staff are always available
  • Outstanding long-term performance
  • Consistent & Identical tree stakes
  • Oregon sourced from our own mill and California stocked for quick delivery
  • 100% live tree utilization
  • Wood Stake performance warranty provided
In addition, Phoenix also offers advanced quality metal tree stakes as an alternative to traditional wooden round tree stakes.

Walnut Tree Stake Options

Phoenix Enterprises’ premium quality walnut tree planting stakes are produced from premium Douglas Fir trees. These heavy-duty plant stakes are clean and strong, which provide the ideal structure for growing walnut trees. We provide the following walnut tree stake options for your exclusive project needs:

Contact Phoenix Enterprises for Wood Stakes Today

Contact us for more information regarding our walnut tree stake options, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Phoenix Enterprises is your trusted source for advanced quality tree and plant stakes.
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