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Phoenix Enterprises is the dominant supplier of wood and steel tree stakes and posts to the orchards, vineyards, nursery wholesalers, berry farms, and vegetable growers throughout California, Arizona, and Mexico. Our tree stakes and posts are also used nationwide and can easily be shipped anywhere in the United States.  Please inquire about international shipping orders.
The main office of Phoenix Enterprises is located in Fresno, near 99W. The people of Phoenix Enterprises all come from the agricultural and wood industry, and we live, eat, and breathe West Coast agriculture.

Providing Stakes and Posts for Agriculture, Nursery, Orchard & Lumber Industries Across North America 

Our large and well-stocked inventory is located in Central California, and our pressure treating is done in Central California as well.  No provider of tree stakes, posts, and poles keeps more inventory on-ground in California for immediate delivery. 
While our base is in Fresno, we see and assist the operations of our customers throughout California, Arizona, and Mexico.    We can be reached by phone, email, and fax. 

Fast Delivery and Service of Tree Stakes & Tree Posts to California 

Our quoting is usually handled directly over the phone, usually with instant satisfaction.  Other times, our quote is completed in several hours.  Because of Phoenix’s inventory, many times we ship in a few hours, or less than 24 hours.  For special orders that require mill production, we accomplish this with surprising speed due to the fact that everything we source is from our own mill, Tioga Pacifc Enterprises, and pressure treated locally.  
Beginning in 2018, Phoenix Enterprises began supplying steel stakes and posts.  The Phoenix team has seen a special need in the agricultural community and industries for high quality steel posts for orchards, farms, and vineyards of California, Arizona, and the Western US region. The steel stakes come direct from a US Mill, made with US equipment, by US employees. Nothing imported. Only the best performing, top quality steel stakes and posts.

High Quality Pressure Treated Tree Stakes, Nursery Stakes, and Tree Posts

While the rest of the agricultural steel suppliers want to keep searching for a lower quality product to sell, Phoenix Enterprises believes the needs are exactly the opposite.  The new production standards of today’s growers demand better quality steel, providing long-term solutions, not long-term failures.

The Experts at Phoenix Enterprises:

Stephen Fischer (President and Owner)
Stephen was raised on a Cherry farm in Oregon, received a BS degree in Agricultural Economics, and spent 18 years in the wood industry.  In 2016, Stephen purchased Phoenix Enterprises from the original founder Don Weld, as Don finished a long career and prepared for retirement.
Andrew Tahan (Sales Manager / Buyer)
Andrew was seemingly born into this industry, as the grandson of the founder (Don Weld), and a native son of Fresno.  Andrew has spent almost his entire working career in the agricultural wood industry and seems to have seen it all and encountered it all in a very short period of time.  Andrew is always on the cusp with industry leaders finding new solutions and is a tremendous resource for our partner customers and vendors.  Andrew does tremendous business with orchardists and agriculture re-sellers throughout California and Arizona.
Al Sanchez (Sales Representative)
Al has been doing this for almost as long as Phoenix has been around.  Al is bilingual English and Spanish, and is a tremendous resource to the berry farms, nursery wholesalers, vegetable growers, and vineyard growers.  Al also maintains a strong presence in Mexico and has become a most sought-after resource for distributors and growers building agriculture in Mexico. 
Ana Robles (Sales Administrator / AR Collections)
Ana keeps the office humming, the trucking on-time, and the treating plant happy with a steady flow of orders.  If you have logistic questions, timing challenges, or need the assistance of Phoenix for paperwork, Ana is your best resource.
Angela Cosme (Controller)
Angela keeps the books, and our attention focused on detail.  Angela has spent many years as a Controller and spent 10+ years in administration in the wood industry, many of it in conjunction with Stephen Fischer.
Independent Sales Representatives
Let our team of independent sales representatives get involved locally with your project.  They know your specific region and territory.  Our group is extremely knowledgeable and can help bring your project to life with the right wood application.

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