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Almond Tree Stakes

  • 1 x 2 x 4 Almond Tree Stakes, untreated, from Phoenix Enterprises
    1 x 2 x 4 Almond Tree Stakes, untreated, from Phoenix Enterprises
The almond tree is raised and cultivated mostly for its fruit (almonds) but can also be harvested for production of almond tree wood. The almond tree is one of the oldest nut trees to be harvested by humans and can grow to an average height of 20 feet, with proper care and consideration. Almond trees thrive the best in regions that support hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Most almond tree varieties also require cross pollination for successful fruit production, which can be a tricky task if not previously attempted. Additionally, almond tree wood stakes are utilized to help support the tree through its early years of life until the tree is fully capable of supporting itself.
Our premium almond tree stakes are manufactured from super strong and durable, non-treated Douglas Fir trees and are available in the following sizing options:
1” x 1” (nominal) dimensional Douglas Fir wood tree stake
1” x 2” (nominal) dimensional Douglas Fir wood tree stake
1.25” x 1.625” (nominal) dimensional Douglas Fir wood tree stake
1.625” x 1.75” (nominal) dimensional Douglas Fir wood tree stake
2” round Douglas Fir wood tree stake

The stakes listed above are ordered from top-to-bottom, with the highest performing stakes being listed at the bottom. The 2” round by 4’ length almond tree stake has become very accepted, as demanding applications require a stake that withstands extreme conditions, without the concern of failure.

Phoenix Enterprises stocks a wide range of almond size tree stake options for your specific needs. To learn how we can help you with your next project Request a quote or Contact Us at 559-271-2377 today.

Almond Tree Stake Features & Benefits

Phoenix Enterprises’ almond tree wood stakes promote the growth of strong, fertile trees that will produce fruit for years to come, while providing advanced protection from wind, animals and more. Some of the resounding advantages associated with our almond tree stakes, include:
  • Manufactured from premium Douglas Fir trees for optimal strength.
  • Dimensional tree stakes are grown and manufactured in Oregon.
  • Treated and untreated available options.
  • ACZA treatment options for higher demanding applications.
  • 99% drivability warranty.
  • Large Selection of Stake options enable the best fit for the application. 
  • Proven performance.
  • No recorded returns.
  • All sizes are in stock and ready to ship.

Utilizing Almond Tree Wood Stakes

Employing the use of almond tree stakes is a necessity for protecting the growth and maturation of almond trees. Almond tree stakes can be used to protect juvenile almond trees in a wide range of circumstances, including the following conditions:
  • If the tree is exposed to strong winds
  • Trees with smaller root balls
  • Trees that are in open sites
  • Weaker trees that need extra support
Without the proper structural support, small trees that come under duress may tip over and lose their root structure, or simply break.

Installing Almond Tree Stakes

Installing an almond tree wood stake is an extremely efficient process that will produce a multitude of long-term benefits for your trees. However, if the almond stakes are not properly installed the young tree will not receive the full benefits of the staking process. The following process provides the best way to properly and securely install a stake for an almond tree:
  • For maximum support a stake should be installed on the outside part of the tree’s root ball.
  • The stake should then be fastened securely, but not overly tight to the tree via a string, rope or strap.
  • Gently make sure that the stake is securely fastened to the tree by lightly wobbling it. If the tree overly sways or wobbles, simply tighten the fastening device.

Douglas Fir Manufactured Almond Tree Stakes

The Douglas Fir tree is one of the most sought-after pine production trees in existence. It is revered for its extreme strength and large dimensional manufacturing capabilities. As an almond tree stake, Douglas Fir holds up to any and all extreme elements,  including:  wind, rain, heat, cold and more. Douglas Fir is admired for its industrial strength and tight grain lines; that’s why it is utilized for higher-end applications than standard pine. At Phoenix Enterprises we utilize only the finest quality Douglas Fir trees for our almond size tree stakes. We take great pride in providing a high-quality stake that will assist in the growth and eventual fruit yield of your almond trees.

Proper Almond Tree Care 

An almond tree requires plenty of care and attention for it to successfully produce fruit. The following guidelines provide an example as to the general care requirements for an almond tree to thrive.
  • Sun & Water – At least 6 full hours of sun per day, but the more the better. In its first year the tree should be flooded with water once per week, then every two to four weeks following the first year.
  • Soil – The utilized soil should be able to drain well, with at least five feet of available topsoil. The planting hole should be dug as deep and with twice the width as the roots.
  • Pruning – Almond trees should be pruned during the tree’s winter dormant months. The branches should be effectively thinned out for the tree’s next growing season.
Additionally, young growing trees need to be properly supported so they do not bend, break or die. The best way to do this is by utilizing almond tree stakes, which will provide the tree with the support that it needs for proper growth.

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