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Almond Tree Stakes

  • 1 x 2 x 4 Almond Tree Stakes, untreated, from Phoenix Enterprises
    1 x 2 x 4 Almond Tree Stakes, untreated, from Phoenix Enterprises
Round almond tree stakes are primarily utilized to help support the tree through its early years of life until the tree is fully capable of supporting itself. With long-lasting durability and strength not achieved by lesser quality products, Phoenix Enterprises’ almond tree stakes provide years of support over the life span of your trees. Our premium bulk almond tree stakes are manufactured from super strong and durable, Douglas Fir trees.

For more information regarding our premium quality wholesale, almond tree wooden stakes, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for specific almond tree stake bulk pricing details today. Phoenix Enterprises is your trusted distributor and supplier of high-quality almond tree stakes.

The Phoenix Enterprises Advantage

At Phoenix Enterprises, we maintain a large, well-stocked inventory of premium quality almond tree stakes in a range of sizes to accommodate your trees' exact size, specs, and environmental conditions. To provide our customers with the best service in the industry, Phoenix Enterprises offers these additional advantages:
  • Quick and convenient delivery
  • Wide selection
  • Superior quality

Almond Tree Stake Quality Features

Phoenix Enterprises’ almond tree wood stakes promote the growth of strong, fertile trees that will produce for years to come, while providing advanced protection from wind, animals and more. Some of the product highlights associated with our almond tree stakes, include:
  • Manufactured from premium Douglas Fir trees for optimal strength.
  • Dimensional tree stakes are grown and manufactured in Oregon at our own mill
  • Treated and untreated stakes are available options.
  • ACZA treatment options for higher demanding applications.
  • 99% drivability warranty on all tree stakes
  • Large selection of stake options enable the best fit for the application. 
  • Phoenix Enterprises has a proven performance record
  • No recorded returns 
  • All sizes are in stock and ready to ship.

Douglas Fir Manufactured Almond Tree Stakes

The Douglas Fir tree is one of the most sought-after pine production trees in existence. It is revered for its extreme strength and large dimensional manufacturing capabilities. As an almond tree stake, Douglas Fir holds up to any and all extreme elements, including:  wind, rain, heat, cold and more. Douglas Fir is utilized for its industrial strength and tight grain lines; that’s why it is sought after for higher-end applications when compared to standard pine.

At Phoenix Enterprises, we utilize only the finest quality Douglas Fir trees for our almond size tree stakes. We take great pride in providing a high-quality tree stake that will assist in the growth and eventual fruit yield of your almond trees.

Short Lead Times & Guaranteed Delivery Dates on All Wholesale Almond Tree Stakes

At Phoenix Enterprises, we have established relationships with numerous customers throughout the nursery, landscaping, orchard, and vineyard industries. We can provide you with the high-quality round almond tree stakes you need when you need them. Our standard lead times are 1-2 weeks from PO, to in the yard delivery.

Contact Phoenix Enterprises for Premium Almond Tree Stake Solutions Today

For more information regarding our round almond tree stake options, get in touch with our sales team and we will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your specific requirements or request a quote for wholesale pricing information today.
Phoenix Enterprises ships nationwide and carries bulk almond tree round wooden stakes in a range of sizes for your specific application needs


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