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Commercial Tree Nursery Supplies

Large commercial nurseries are known for producing large quantities of trees and plants that can be transplanted from the nursery into a residential or commercial environment. To sustain a large viable nursery there are a lot of supplies that are needed to successfully produce plants and trees that will be sustainable through adulthood. Some of the more common products that commercial nurseries regularly rely on, include: round stakes, wooden tree stakes, metal tree stakes, wooden tree boxes and more.
Phoenix Enterprises is the industry leader in the manufacturing of premium quality commercial tree nursey stakes and wooden nursery tree boxes. If you are not sure what type of stake will best suit your application needs, contact us at 559-271-2377 and we would be happy to assist you.

Commercial Tree Nursery Stakes

Phoenix Enterprises’ premium quality wood tree stakes for nurseries are produced from either  Douglas Fir or Lodgepole Pine trees. These heavy-duty tree stakes are clean and strong, which provide the perfect structure for dimensional or round tree stakes. We provide the following commercial tree nursery stake options for your exclusive project needs:
1" x 1" Dimensional Tree Stakes - Douglas Fir
1" x 2" Dimensional Tree Stake - Douglas Fir
1.25" x 1.625" Square Tree Stake - Douglas Fir
2" Round Tree Stake - Douglas Fir
2.20" Round Tree Stake - Douglas Fir
2.75" Round Tree Stake - Douglas Fir
2" x 10' Round Tree Stake - LPP
2" x 12' Round Tree Stake - LPP
3" x 10' Round Tree Stake - LPP
3" x 12' Round Tree Stake - LPP

Commercial Tree Nursery Stake Features

Phoenix Enterprises' wood tree stakes for commercial nurseries promotes positive tree growth and provides advanced protection from wind, animals and more. Some of the premium features and benefits associated with commercial nursery plant and tree stakes, include:
  • Outstanding long-term performance
  • Consistent & Identical tree stakes
  • Oregon sourced and California stocked for quick delivery
  • 100% live tree utilization
  • Douglas Fir stakes provide increased strength and flexibility
  • Performance warranty provided
  • Expertly sorted to remove knots and weaker stakes
  • Friendly support staff are always available
In addition, Phoenix also offers advanced quality metal tree stakes as an alternative to traditional wooden round tree stakes.

Commercial Wooden Nursery Tree Boxes

Heavy-duty wooden tree boxes are ideal for planting and transporting large mature trees. Phoenix Enterprises is a unique source for custom wooden boxes used for mature tree transport. The boxes are custom built to each customer’s specifications. The focus for Phoenix is only large box construction.
  • 72”
  • 84”
  • 96”
  • 108”
  • 120”
  • 132”
  • 144”

Contact Us Today

Phoenix Enterprises ships nationwide and we carry a wide range of tree stake options across many crop applications. To learn how we can help you with your next project Request a quote or Contact Us at 559-271-2377 today. 


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