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CA-C Wood Treatment

  • 1 x 1 x 5 Oregon DF ACQ Treatment Tree stakes
    1 x 1 x 5 Oregon DF ACQ Treatment Tree stakes
With new federal regulations regarding the use of ACQ for PPE/A medical applications, ACQ will be discontinued for use as a wood stake treatment type. As a replacement wood treatment option, Copper Azole Type C (CA-C) pressure treatment will provide the enhanced protection your stakes require against termites and decay. Copper Azole Type C wood treatment is greenish-brown in color and gives off little to no odor.

Contact us for more information regarding Copper Azole Type C wood treatment options for your bulk wood stakes or call us at 559-271-2377 and we will gladly answer any questions that you may have. Phoenix Enterprises is your preferred source for large volume CA-C pressure treated wood stakes.

Copper Azole Type C Wood Treatment Replaces ACQ

By law ACQ is now being sequestered for use in PPE/A medical applications, which means that CA-C will now be the choice treatment option for residential wood stakes. CA-C is not an agricultural use product, which means that it is less potent than CCA and ACZA and is used exclusively for residential applications.

CA-C Wood Treatment Advantages

Copper azole type C (CA-C) pressure treated wood stakes provide a greener alternative to CCA and can be used in LEEDs certified buildings. The CA-C treatment is brownish-green in color and can be painted as tastes dictate. CA-C pressure treatment is also used in more consumer applications as it is seen as a less toxic alternative to CCA. Additional advantages of CA-C treated wood stakes include:
  • Approved for use in residential nursery applications
  • Treatment lasts 1-2 years
  • Wood stakes are pre-treated

Copper Azole Type C (CA-C) Treatment Applications

CA-C is a direct replacement for ACQ and can be used for the same types of applications. These include:
  • Fence Posts
  • Tree Stakes
  • Vineyard posts
  • Nursery stakes
  • Nursery posts
  • Landscape ties
  • Timbers and lumber
  • Marine pilings
  • Utility poles
  • Decking
  • Wood shingles

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