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Erosion Control Stakes

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    Erosion Control Stake Tips
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Erosion control wattle stakes are used within the construction industry to secure erosion control materials such as erosion wattles, fences, straw wattles, and more. These stakes are designed to provide a robust solution to combat soil erosion and stabilize delicate terrains.

Phoenix Enterprises is Your Trusted Source for Premium Erosion Control Stakes

Our top-quality erosion wattle stakes are locally sourced and produced from our mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises. Some of the advantages of utilizing Phoenix Enterprises for your industrial erosion stake needs include:
  • High Volume in 18” and 24” long
  • 1” x 2” & 1” x 1” sizing
  • Supplied by Phoenix Enterprises’ Tioga Pacific Mill
  • High-Quality Strong Douglas Fir Wood
  • Large on-hand inventory
  • Nation and worldwide shipping
  • All stakes are warrantied for performance
  • Stakes for all Industries
  • Short lead times

Erosion Stake Features

Erosion Control Stakes are stakes under 24” but can be custom cut to your specifications. Phoenix Enterprises’ Erosion Stakes are manufactured from top-tier Douglas Fir wood for added strength and consistency and are sorted to remove large knots and wane. Erosion Stake sizing features include:
  • 1" x 2" & 1" x 1" sizing

Erosion Wattle Stakes from Tioga Pacific Enterprises

At Phoenix Enterprises, our Erosion Stake inventories are exclusively sourced from our Oregon-based mill, Tioga Pacific, a leading manufacturer of premium wood stakes for industrial, construction, and erosion-prevention applications.

Why Choose Phoenix Enterprises for Your Erosion Control Stake Needs?

At Phoenix Enterprises, our Erosion Stakes are available for immediate delivery. We have established relationships with numerous customers throughout the nursery, landscaping, orchard, and construction industries. Our experts can provide you with the Erosion Wattle Stakes you need when you need it.

Short Lead Times & Guaranteed Delivery Dates on Premium Erosion Control Stakes

Our standard lead times are 1-2 weeks from PO to in-the-yard delivery. Since our Erosion Stakes are directly manufactured from dimensional Douglas Fir at our Tioga Pacific Enterprises mill, we maintain a consistent and available supply.

Order Bulk Erosion Control Stakes Today

For more information regarding our Erosion Stake options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for direct pricing information today. Phoenix Enterprises is your trusted source for the industry’s finest Erosion Control stakes and posts.
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