Premium Wood and Steel Stakes for Agriculture, Nursery, Landscaping and Construction

With our main office in Fresno, Phoenix Enterprises is a leading supplier of wood stakes and steel stakes, as well as wooden posts, for the agricultural, nursery, landscaping and construction communities throughout California, Arizona, and Mexico. Used in orchards, vineyards, farms, and commercial nurseries, our best-in-class stakes provide the best performance and value for your application.
We offer an extensive, on-ground inventory in Central California, providing quick and convenient delivery, often in less than 24 hours. Phoenix Enterprises has many options for each specific application and will match the right price and performance for each project.  Our emphasis on superior levels of pressure treating and exclusive mill production means your project gets the right solution, and the right value.

Contact Phoenix Enterprises today for more information on how our superior wooden stakes and posts can improve the growth quality of your crops and trees, or support your construction project. You can also contact us directly by phone at 559-271-2377 and we would be happy to address any specific questions you may have. We are headquartered in Fresno, California but we have the capabilities to ship your premium manufactured wood stakes and wooden posts throughout the world.

Phoenix Enterprises is your Premium Wood Stakes and Steel Stakes Supplier

Drivability. Lifespan. Suitability.

Our wood stakes are sourced from our own mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises, based in the lumber capital of Oregon-Eugene.  Tioga Pacific Enterprises began production to provide exclusive manufacturing for Phoenix Enterprises, enabling control over sourcing, quality, and volume. With Tioga Pacific Enterprises and Phoenix Enterprises, from raw wood to the delivered pressure treated stake, we control the entire process and deliver a product we know.

Our wood raw material comes from the sustainable forests of Western and Central Oregon, as well as Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

The steel stakes come DIRECT, from a US Mill, made with US equipment, by US employees. Nothing imported. Only the best performing, top quality products.

We are based in Fresno, the heart of Central California. Phoenix Enterprises controls the manufacturing and functions as a distributor as well. We are not brokers. We know exactly where our wood comes from because we source it, and then we produce the stakes at our sister mill in Oregon, under our direction and oversight.

We live, eat and breathe the California agricultural life, and we understand the needs of our agricultural and nursery neighbors and friends.

Premium Wood Stakes and Wooden Posts for Agriculture and Construction

Agriculture stakes and posts provide the proper structure and support for the successful growth of young and maturing crops and trees. Without the proper foundation for bracing that on-ground agricultural wood stakes provide, a young crop or a tree will be increasingly susceptible to displacement or up-rooting. This type of unforeseen trauma is often due to wind or other types of inclement weather. The best way to prevent unanticipated outdoor crop and tree loss is to utilize premium wood and steel stakes.

Whether you require steel stakes, wooden stakes or wooden posts, Phoenix Enterprises maintains the largest and most diverse on-ground agricultural wood and steel inventory in California or Arizona. We provide manufactured AG stakes and posts that will improve the growth of a nearly unlimited variety of crops and trees. Some of the premium agriculture stakes and posts that we provide include the following:

High Performance Construction Stakes

Phoenix Enterprises has a long history of making performance stakes for the Agriculture community. Long lasting quality and performance are the expectation. Construction stakes by Phoenix Enterprises builds on this legacy. The Concrete Stakes by Phoenix are produced at our own mill in Oregon, close to the lumber mills. With control over mill production, using only the best wood, Phoenix Enterprises can ensure the best quality of cement forming stakes. Our concrete stakes are sold by the pallet in bundles of 25 for 1" x 2" stakes, or 30 for 1" x 3" stakes. We can ship by LTL or Direct truck anywhere in the US.

concrete stakes pallet

Contact Phoenix Enterprises for Premium Wood Stakes and Wood Posts Today

Access the information within our website, determine your needs and contact us so we can begin assisting you in supporting the proper growth and development of your crops and trees, as well as provide concrete stakes for construction projects. Our premium wood stakes and steel stakes provide a secure foundation so you can start and build your investment the right way.

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