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Round Wood Tree Stakes

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    Vegetable / Berry / Nursery Stakes
Phoenix has raised the performance bar with the Round Stake.  This is the stake so many orchardists are switching too.  Every season, every year, Phoenix sees more new orchards transitioning to this super strong, ultra-durable stake.  And NOBODY sells more round stakes, stocks more round stakes, and built for the market for round stakes like Phoenix. 

We maintain a large local inventory round orchard wood stakes for quick delivery.

Round Wood Tree Stake Features

  • A round stake is 50% stronger than the commensurate square stake
  • Weakness from knots are almost non-existent
  • Made of British Columbia Douglas Fir
  • A recycled product as a veneer core, it helps meet green eco goals
  • Comes treated and untreated.
  • 100% drivability warranty
  • Every stake is perfect, with no visual differences or deformities
Douglas Fir 2.25 diameter Round stakes are PERFECT stakes for Pistachio orchards, and the 2.0 diameter Round stakes are the new favorite for almond orchards.  The strength of these round stakes is unmatched, and able to withstand high wind applications.

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