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Pecan Tree Stakes

  • 2.75 x 8 DF Round Tree Stakes, Phoenix Enterprises inventory
    2.75 x 8 DF Round Tree Stakes, Phoenix Enterprises inventory
The pecan tree serves as one of the nation’s largest nut providers. These audacious trees also produce a wood that is garnered by many across the globe. Thus, it is important to protect these trees as they mature so they can come to bare the nuts and wood that people regularly enjoy. The best way to protect young pecan trees is by staking the trees with round tree stakes. Pecan tree stakes allow the tree to grow and mature to their fullest potential, while protecting them from unforeseen circumstances.
Phoenix Enterprises carries a wide range of pecan tree stake options for your specific needs. To learn how we can help you with your next project Request a quote or Contact Us at 559-271-2377 today.

Our premium quality pecan tree stakes are manufactured from super strong and durable Douglas Fir sourced at our own mill in Oregon and are available in the following sizes:

Pecan Tree Stake Features

Phoenix Enterprises’s pecan tree stakes promote positive tree growth and  provides  advanced protection from wind, animals and more. Some of the premium features and benefits of our pecan tree  stakes,  include:
  • Exclusively manufactured from Douglas Fir trees that are specifically selected for their strength and durability.
  • Grown in the deep woods of Oregon and British Columbia.
  • 100% drivability warranty.
  • Pressure treated with the best outdoor preservative ACZA.
  • In-stock inventory in California and always ready to ship.
  • Unbeatable proven performance tested.

Why Utilize Pecan Tree Stakes?

There are several legitimate reasons as to why tree stakes help to protect and provide all around good pecan tree care. The better a pecan tree is taken care of in its youth the bigger it will grow and the more nuts it will produce. Also, when pecan tree stakes are utilized it creates an anchored structure that keeps the tree from uprooting or breaking. In addition, the use of round stakes for pecan trees eliminates the potential for “crowbar hole,” which can develop if a young tree swings back and forth too often within its hole. When this phenomenon occurs the friction between the tree’s trunk and the planting hole causes the hole to expand. The hole will then fill with water and exceed the root limits of the tree, which will then eventually cause root rot.

Proper Pecan Tree Care & When to Utilize Wood Stakes

As mentioned above, pecan tree stakes can be used to maintain proper tree growth for youthful trees. However, it is important to remember when tree stakes are necessary when developing a healthy pecan tree. Round stakes for pecan trees should be utilized under the following conditions:
  • If the tree is exposed to strong winds
  • Trees with smaller root balls
  • Trees that are in open sites
Without the proper structural support, small trees that come under duress may tip over and lose their root structure, or simply break.

Proper Ways to Implement Pecan Tree Stakes

Once it has been established that your pecan tree will benefit from tree stakes, it will then be time to properly install your pecan tree stakes. If the wood stake is not properly installed, the young tree will not receive the full benefits of the staking process. The following process provides the best way to properly and securely install your pecan tree stakes:
  • For maximum support a stake should be installed on the outside part of the tree’s root ball.
  • The stake should then be fastened securely, but not overly tight to the tree via a string, rope or strap.
  • Gently make sure that the stake is securely fastened to the tree by lightly wobbling it. If the tree overly sways or wobbles, simply tighten the fastening device.

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