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Pistachio Tree Stakes

  • 2.20 DF ACZA Treatment Round Tree Stake
    2.20 DF ACZA Treatment Round Tree Stake
  • 2 x 2 x 6 ACZA Treatment Oregon DF Pistachio Stake
    2 x 2 x 6 ACZA Treatment Oregon DF Pistachio Stake
  • Steel Flexible Tree Stakes
    Steel Flexible Tree Stakes
A thriving pistachio crop is established through the proper nurturing and supported growth of the pistachio tree; appropriate care should be introduced from the initial onset of seed development to maturation of the tree. The pistachio tree is broad and bushy and grows to heights of 25 to 30 feet and can sprout one or more trunks. Since pistachio trees are apt to droop at an early age, it is necessary to utilize wood or steel pistachio tree stakes to support their initial growth. Pistachio tree stakes help to establish a proper growth pattern for the tree, so the future pistachio crop yield of the tree is not hindered. If the proper tree stake and support is provided to a pistachio tree at a young age, the tree can produce a favorable pistachio crop for decades or even centuries.

Our advanced quality pistachio tree stakes are manufactured from super strong and durable Douglas Fir trees or are manufactured from premium high-quality steel. Our pistachio wood or steel tree stakes are available in the following sizing options:

Phoenix Enterprises carries a wide range of pistachio wood and steel tree stake options for your specific needs. To learn how we can help you with your next tree staking project Request a quote or Contact Us at 559-271-2377 today.

Pistachio Tree Stake Features

Phoenix Enterprises’ pistachio wood and steel tree stakes promote optimal tree growth while providing advanced protection from wind, animals and more. Some of the premium features and benefits associated with our pistachio tree stakes include:
  • Varied available lengths, but 6’ is the preferred length.
  • 2.2” diameter round wood stakes are preferred for high wind locations.
  • The 1.625" x 1.75" dimensional stakes are best for low wind, and well-protected locations.
  • Round stakes provide the greatest strength, are knot free, and are used for the most demanding applications.
  • Round stakes carry a 100% drivability warranty.
  • All wood pistachio stakes are manufactured from strong Douglas Fir, for optimal performance
  • Wood treatment options are recommended for all wood Pistachio stakes.
  • All sizes in stock, ready to ship.

Pistachio tree stakes are generally treated with ACZA for extended life. 

Utilizing Pistachio Wood or Steel Tree Stakes

As previously mentioned, pistachio wood and steel tree stakes can be used to maintain proper tree growth for youthful trees. However, it is important to remember some specific circumstances when the use of pistachio tree stakes is absolutely necessary. Pistachio tree stakes should be utilized under the following conditions: 
  • If the tree is exposed to strong winds
  • Trees with smaller root balls
  • Trees that are in open sites
  • Weaker trees that need extra trunk or branch support
Without the proper structural support, small trees that come under duress may tip over and lose their root structure, or simply break.

Implementing & Installing Pistachio Tree Stakes

Installing a pistachio wood or steel tree stake is a quick and easy process that will produce a bevy of long-term benefits for your trees. However, if the pistachio stakes are not properly installed the young tree will not receive the full benefits of the staking process. The following process provides the best way to properly and securely install a pistachio wood or steel stake:
  • For maximum support a stake should be installed on the outside part of the tree’s root ball.
  • The stake should then be fastened securely, but not overly tight to the tree via a string, rope or strap.
Gently make sure that the tree stake is securely fastened to the tree by lightly wobbling it. If the tree overly sways or wobbles, simply tighten the fastening device.

Appropriate Pistachio Crop Care

A pistachio tree grows and thrives the best in regions where the weather is regularly hot and dry in the summer. The tree will not successfully produce a pistachio crop in areas that are rainy or have high humidity. These conditions prevent the edible nut from properly ripening and can also cause fungal diseases within the trees. Additionally, young growing trees need to be properly supported so they do not bend, break or die. The best way to do this is by utilizing pistachio stakes, which will provide the tree with the support that it needs for proper growth. Some other ways to care for a pistachio tree, include:
A layer of mulch should be used to cover the root zone.
Branches that grow towards the center of the tree should regularly be thinned out.
Cutting back the outward growth of the tree each winter can produce greater fruiting wood production in the spring.
A deep watering needs to be conducted only once every four to six weeks for optimal nut production.

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