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Commercial Nursery Plant Stakes

  • 1 x 1 x 4 Nominal
    1 x 1 x 4 Nominal
  • Landscaper Stake
    Landscaper Stake
  • Stack of Landscaper Stakes
    Stack of Landscaper Stakes
Heavy-duty nursery plant stakes are clean, strong, free of large knots. Our commercial nursery plant stakes are easy to stack (with neat and safe square units) and easy to handle, while providing superior strength and proven reliability for years of continued use.

At Phoenix Enterprises, our Douglas Fir commercial nursery plant stakes are designed for all types of nursery plant applications. No provider of premium commercial bulk plant stakes keeps more inventory on-ground in California for immediate delivery.

Commercial Nursery Plant Stake Features

Phoenix Enterprise's wood plant stakes for commercial nurseries promotes positive plant growth and provides advanced protection from wind and inclement weather. Some of the premium features and benefits associated with commercial nursery plant stakes, include:
  • Douglas Fir stakes provide increased strength and flexibility
  • Short Lead time availability
  • Always in stock
  • Performance warranty provided
  • Consistent minimal knots
  • Square units and square stakes mean easy and safe stacking
  • Simple and safe to handle and transport
  • Oregon sourced and California stocked.
  • Better Copper Azole-C pressure treatment penetration
  • Friendly, knowledgeable support staff

 At Phoenix Enterprises, we sell our commercial plant stakes in bulk to provide you with the finest nursery plant stakes at the best possible prices.

High-Quality Proven Design Concepts for Commercial Nursery Plant Stakes

Phoenix Enterprises’ bulk commercial plant stakes for nurseries and landscaping companies are manufactured from ultra-strong Douglas Fir trees. These commercial contractor stakes are sold with a 100% usability guarantee and are completely free of knots. Our nursery tree stakes are milled in Oregon and are available in the following dimensions:


Short Lead Times & Guaranteed Delivery Dates for Commercial Nursery Plant Stakes

Our standard lead times are 1-2 weeks from PO, to in the yard delivery. Since our commercial landscaping plant stakes are directly manufactured from dimensional Douglas Fir, we maintain an unlimited, delay free supply. Additionally, our CA-C wood stake pressure treatment outperforms that of the treatment that is added to round lodgepole pine stakes.
At Phoenix Enterprises, we have established relationships with numerous customers throughout the nursery, landscaping, orchard and vineyard industries. We can provide you with the commercial nursery plant stakes you need, when you need them.

Order Premium Bulk Commercial Nursery Plant Stakes Today

For more information regarding our commercial nursery plant stake options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for direct pricing information today. Phoenix Enterprises is your go-to source for exceptional quality bulk commercial nursery plant stakes.


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