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Industrial Stakes

Premium wood stakes from Phoenix Enterprises are manufactured from top-tier Douglas Fir wood, providing unmatched quality and dependability for your industrial application needs.

High-Quality Wood Survey Stakes and Stakes for Industrial Applications

Our premium wood survey stakes, dunnage, and kiln stickers are locally sourced and produced from our mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises. Some of the advantages of utilizing Phoenix Enterprises for your industrial stake needs include:
  • High-grade Douglas Fir wood only
  • Douglas Fir is the strongest, longest-lasting wood
  • Little to no knots, very little wane
  • Industrial stakes are produced under tight quality control
  • Each stake is sorted to meet performance specs
  • Survey Stakes are produced at our mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises
  • Durable points for easy driving as a Cement Forming Stake
Contact us regarding our high-quality industrial stakes or request a quote for further pricing details today. We have the capabilities to be your premier industrial stakes supplier.

Premium Survey Stakes

Wood survey stakes, or lath stakes, are markers placed in construction or land development projects to indicate specific measurements, boundaries, or reference points. Survey stakes from Phoenix Enterprises are crucial in maintaining precision and consistency throughout the construction process.

Wood Dunnage Supports

Wood Dunnage Supports are used for securing and protecting cargo during transportation. Tioga Pacific Mill's wood dunnage plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of shipments and optimizing logistics operations.

Wood Kiln Stickers

Kiln Stickers are thin wooden spacers used in the lumber drying process. These stickers help prevent warping, cracking, and other defects while enhancing the overall quality of the dried lumber.

Industrial Stakes from Tioga Pacific Enterprises

At Phoenix Enterprises, our industrial stakes are exclusively sourced from our Oregon-based mill, Tioga Pacific, a leading manufacturer of premium wood stakes for industrial, construction, and erosion-prevention applications.

Order Premium Industrial Stakes from Phoenix Enterprises Today

Contact us for more information regarding our high-quality industrial wood stake options. For larger jobs and ongoing construction projects, you can also request a quote for further pricing deals. With nationwide shipping, Phoenix Enterprises is your premier supplier of superior wood stakes for industrial applications.
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