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CCA Pressure Treatment

  • 4 – 5 x 8 Oregon LPP CCA Treatment Posts
    4 – 5 x 8 Oregon LPP CCA Treatment Posts
Chromated copper arsenate, CCA, has been a timber treatment since the 1930’s.  It has many trade names, and is the world’s most widely used wood preservative.
It is a mix of chromium, copper, and arsenate. It is manufactured to national standards.
The chromium is the fixing agent, holding the chemicals in place.  The copper protects against the wood decay, fungi, and bacteria.  The arsenate is the main insecticide component.
CCA is for agricultural use only.  Not permitted for consumer or residential use.  The arsenate may leach out of the treated wood. The amount of leaching can vary widely depending on environmental conditions, and how much CCA was applied to the wood.  CCA treated wood should never be burned in confined spaces such as a domestic fire, or in barbeques.
CCA is limited to non-residential use.  While some studies showed CCA could pose a risk to humans, other studies found that not to be the case.  As a caution, it was determined to not be used for consumer use.  CCA treated wood should be disposed through controlled landfill sites.

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