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Agricultural Stakes & Posts

  • 2 x 8 Round Doug Fir Tree Stake, with ACZA
    2 x 8 Round Doug Fir Tree Stake, with ACZA
Heavy-duty bulk wood and steel stakes for the agricultural industry improve the growth quality and maturation of crops and trees. Premium commercial grade agricultural steel and wood stakes are manufactured from high-quality, heavy-duty materials milled or processed in Oregon or British Columbia.

At Phoenix Enterprises, our Douglas Fir wood stakes and high-grade steel stakes for the commercial agricultural industry are designed for all types of tree and plant applications. Our wood raw material comes from the sustainable forests of Western and Central Oregon, as well as Vancouver Island in British Columbia, from our own mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises. No wholesale provider of premium commercial bulk crop and tree stakes keeps more inventory on-ground in California for immediate delivery.
For industry-specific stake and post recommendations or general inquiries, please contact us.

Quality Crop-Specific Tree Stakes and Posts

Our extensive selection of advanced-quality crop-specific stakes and posts include; 

Bulk Stake & Post Features

Phoenix Enterprises’ wholesale agricultural stakes and posts are always free of knots and mold and are pre-sorted for quality and suitability. Our advanced-quality wood is pre-dried to allow for maximum chemical penetration, meeting the highest industry performance standards. Premium bulk agricultural stake and post features include:
  •  Pre-sorted for quality
  •  Premium Oregon and BC wood.
  •  Mills are nearby for quick delivery and full accountability
  •  Wood is dried to specifications to ensure proper treatment absorption.
  •  Phoenix keeps the largest on-ground, in-California, inventory of stakes and posts
  •  Large inventory of stakes and posts on-ground at the mills
  • Short lead times
  • Guaranteed delivery dates
  •  All stakes and posts are performance warrantied

Commercial Agricultural Tree and Crop Stake and Post Options

Ideal for crop applications that include stakes and posts for berry and vegetable farm stakes, nut tree stakes, and farm fence posts, our wood stakes, steel stakes, and timber posts are used across many agricultural applications.
Our extensive selection of advanced-quality crop-specific stakes and posts include; 

Agricultural Stake Selector

For quick and easy stake or post-selection, utilize Phoenix Enterprises’ stake selector functionality. Input your crop, and the recommended stake and post options will automatically populate, providing a convenient and easy way to locate the bulk products you need.

Wholesale Commercial Agricultural Stakes & Post Industry Applications

Phoenix Enterprises maintains the largest and most diverse on-ground agricultural wood and steel inventory in California or Arizona for all your bulk wood and steel stake and post needs. We provide manufactured AG stakes and posts that will improve the growth of a nearly unlimited variety of crops and trees for the following applications:

Contact Phoenix Enterprises for Premium Bulk Agricultural Stakes and Posts Today

For more information regarding our wholesale commercial stake and post options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for direct pricing information today. Phoenix Enterprises is your go-to source for heavy-duty bulk agricultural posts and stakes.
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