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Premium Douglas Fir Incised Posts

  • I-Post in Vineyard
    I-Post in Vineyard
  • 3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard
    3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard
  • 3.5" I-Post
    3.5" I-Post
  • 3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard
    3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard
Phoenix Enterprises is an exclusive manufacturer and distributor of premium quality incised timber posts. If your fence or in-line vineyard post-application demands a consistent high quality, treated incised timber post, the I-post is the answer. We are the only on-ground inventory provider of I-posts for California, Arizona, and Mexico; since our stocks are constantly replenished, incised fence posts can always be found at Phoenix Enterprises.
Contact us for further details regarding our exclusive incised timber posts, or call us at 559-271-2377 and we will gladly assist you with any questions that you may have. Phoenix Enterprises is your trusted source for premium in-line vineyard posts.

Premium I-Post Features

Phoenix Enterprises’ bulk incised fence posts are manufactured from ultra-strong Douglas Fir trees. These premium incised timber posts are sold with a 100% drivability guarantee and are completely free of knots. Our exclusive I-post features include:
  • 15-year written warranty, by Arch Chemical
  •  Bottom 3’ incised, for the best chemical penetration.
  •  Treated to .40 retention.
  •  Each post perfect in appearance, and exactly alike.
  •  Comes in 3.5” and 4” diameter posts.
  •  Treated with ACZA, the premium agricultural in-ground chemical treatment
  •  Perfect for in-line vineyard posts
  •  The perfect fence post option
Over 500,000 I-Posts have been sold, with zero returns for quality, and many very satisfied customers.  Each post is individually marked for quality accountability.

ACZA Incised Fence Post Pressure Treatment

ACZA has been recognized by the AWPA for over 35 years.  It is the ideal treatment for coastal Douglas Fir manufactured incised posts.  Without a doubt, ACZA is the most effective wood pressure treatment, of all the agricultural options. ACZA features include:
  • Protects against fungal decay and insect attack
  •  Provides protection at all levels of exposure; above ground, ground contact, freshwater, and saltwater
  •  May be stored, handled, and worked like untreated wood
  •  Leaves surface free of chemical deposits
  •  Resistance to carpenter ants, woodpeckers, and fire
  •  Leach resistant
  •  Effectively penetrates coastal Douglas Fir
  •  Non-reactive with salt

Exclusive Warranty for High-Quality Incised Posts

Produced in British Columbia from premium Douglas Fir logs, I-Posts are new and unique.  With a 15-year written warranty, they are the BEST WOOD POST IN THE MARKET.  Manufactured with a strong Douglas Fir veneer core, the bottom 3’ is incised for maximum penetration by utilizing ACZA, the most effective wood treatment chemical on the market.

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Contact us for more information regarding our exclusive in-line vineyard post options, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Phoenix Enterprises is your premier source for high quality incised timber posts.
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