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Construction Stakes

Concrete Stakes
Construction Stakes by Phoenix Enterprises are the quality expected from the industry leader in wood stake production.

Cement Stakes for the Construction Industry

Our premium cement stakes are meant to be hammered and driven into challenging soil conditions, providing the structure and support needed for industrial concrete applications. Great stakes, for Cement Forming Stakes, start with great wood. 
  • High grade Douglas Fir wood only
  • Douglas Fir is the strongest, longest lasting wood
  • Few small tight knots, very little wane
  • Construction stakes are produced under tight quality control
  • Concrete Forming Stakes are produced at our own mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises
  • Durable points for easy driving as a Cement Forming Stake 
Contact us regarding our high-quality concrete forming stakes or request a quote for further pricing details today. We have the capabilities to be your premier supplier of superior concrete and construction stakes.



High Performance Construction Stakes

Phoenix has a long history of making wodden stakes for the Agriculture community.  Long lasting quality and performance are the expectation.  Construction stakes by Phoenix Enterprises and produced by Tioga Pacfic Enterprises builds on this legacy.

Wood Concrete Stakes Milled in Oregon

The Cement Form Stakes by Phoenix are produced at its own mill, in Oregon, close to the lumber mills. With control over mill production, using only the best wood, Phoenix Enterprises can insure the best quality of cement form stakes
Our concrete stakes are sold by the pallet in bundles of 25 for 1" x 2" stakes, or 30 for 1" x 3" stakes.  We can ship by LTL or Direct truck anywhere in the US.

Cement Stake Sizes Available

1" x 2" Concrete Stakes - 25 pieces per bundle
  • 18 inches | 120 bundles per pallet - 3,000 pieces
  • 24 inches | 100 bundles per pallet - 2,500 pieces
  • 30 inches | 70 bundles per pallet - 1,750 pieces
  • 36 inches | 60 bundles per pallet - 1,500 pieces
  • 42 inches | 50 bundles per pallet - 1,250 pieces
  • 48 inches | 50 bundles per pallet - 1,250 pieces
  • 60 inches | 50 bundles per pallet - 1,250 pieces
1" x 3" Concrete Stakes - 30 pieces per bundle
  • 24 inches | 60 bundles per pallet - 1,800 pieces
  • 36 inches | 72 bundles per pallet - 2,160 pieces
  • 48 inches | 36 bundles per pallet - 1,080 piecesontact Phoenix Enterprises for Concrete Stakes Today
At Phoenix Enterprises, we mill only the best wood and offer nationwide shipping.
Request a quote or Contact Us at 559-271-2377 for a price quote today. 

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