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  • Nucor Vineyard Posts
    Nucor Vineyard Posts
Phoenix introduces Tioga Vineyard Steel, a new provider focusing on providing the highest quality steel posts, wire, and cross-arms to the vineyard industry. 
Tioga will be using steel channel and t-posts from Nucor Steel Mills, the largest steel mill and manufacturer in North America, with all of its steel recycled and a “green” product.
Nucor steel is known for its exceptional strength and quality.  Nucor will be found to consistently have 25% more tensile strength than the leading competitor.  Which means fewer posts per acre.
This is not steel imported from Asia, where price is the focus, performance is sacrificed, and the quality cannot be verified and trusted.  Every Nucor steel post comes with a certificate of manufacturing quality insuring the posts will perform as expected, where each batch is tested and confirmed for quality.
Phoenix features Nucor because most importantly, every steel post, every steel product, is manufactured in the USA.  By USA employees, with USA equipment, in USA mills.  
Our goal at Phoenix and Tioga, is value and quality.  There will always be cheaper posts.  But not better, more dependable posts.


  • 100% recycled steel scrap content
  • Chemistry controlled to insure the highest quality steel product
  • T-Posts available from 5’ to 10’
  • Various colors for T-Posts
  • 1.25 and 1.33 lbs. per foot for T-Posts
  • U-channel posts have holes running the entire length of the post
  • High tensile strength per post, allowing for more weight per post, and fewer posts per acre.
  • Greater strength for U-Channel posts.  Up to 400lbs, on 2lbs./foot U-Channel field posts.
  • Better weathering, up to 7 times, over rail steel posts due to chemistry differences at manufacturing

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