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I-Posts Round Douglas Fir Incised Posts

  • I-Post in Vineyard
    I-Post in Vineyard
  • 3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard
    3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard
  • 3.5" I-Post
    3.5" I-Post
  • 3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard
    3.5" I-Post in-line Vineyard

We sell the best posts in the market

I-Posts are new and unique.  With a 15-year written warranty, they are the BEST WOOD POST IN THE MARKET.  A strong Douglas Fir veneer core, the bottom 3’ is incised for maximum penetration by the best treating chemical, ACZA, on the market.

The I-Post is the only treated wood post on the market with a warranty.  Produced in British Columbia, from premium Douglas Fir logs. 

Over 500,000 I-Posts have been sold, with zero returns for quality, and many very satisfied customers.  Each post is individually marked for quality accountability.

If your need is a treated wood post that is consistent, and the highest quality for demanding applications like fences and in-line vineyard posts, the I-Post 
is today's answer.

I-Posts can always be found at Phoenix Enterprises, as we are the only provider of ON-GROUND INVENTORY in California, Arizona, and Mexico.

I Post Features

  •  15-year written warranty, by Arch Chemical
  •  Bottom 3’ incised, for the best chemical penetration.
  •  Treated to .40 retention.
  •  Each post perfect in appearance, and exactly alike.
  •  Comes in 3.5” and 4” diameter posts.
  •  Treated with ACZA, the premium agricultural in-ground chemical treatment
  •  Perfect for in-line vineyard posts
  •  The perfect fence post
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