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Steel Flexible Round Tree Stakes

  • Steel FlexibleTree Stakes
    Steel FlexibleTree Stakes
  • Steel Flexible Tree Stake in the field
    Steel Flexible Tree Stake in the field
  • Steel Flexible Tree Stake in a new orchard
    Steel Flexible Tree Stake in a new orchard
Steel Central Leader Training RodsSteel Flexible Round Tree Stakes
A developing trend in Pistachio tree plantings, the flexible steel tree stake allows for the tree to move and flex, but without concern over the tree falling down.

The tree movement allows for greater root-ball development, and better trunk growth.  Early results of the flexible steel tree stake tend to support that trees are healthy and further developed, than trees staked with wood.

The steel tree stakes are a lower profile, which allows for unimpeded branch growth.

Ultimately, the goal is to get the trees to production faster.  And there is evidence to support this could be the case.

Early adopters of the Flexible Steel Tree Stake have also found the installation can be faster and more efficient than using a traditional wood stake.

The specific steel Phoenix uses is known for its exceptional strength and quality.  This steel will be found to consistently have 25% more tensile strength than the leading competitor. 
This is not imported steel where the quality cannot be verified and trusted.  Every steel stake comes with a certificate of manufacturing quality insuring the stakes are tested and confirmed for quality.
Phoenix uses only American made steel, from US recycled steel.  Every steel stake, every steel product, is manufactured in the USA.  By USA employees, with USA equipment, in USA mills.  

These steel stakes are considered both a "green product" and acceptable for "organic" labeling as well.

These flexible steel tree stakes are a perfect solution for staking in nursery applications, where strength and flexibility is a necessity.


  • 100% recycled steel scrap content
  • Many different steel options, with and without flexibility, for nursery applications
  • Chemistry controlled to insure the highest quality steel product

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