Premium Wood and Steel Stakes for Agriculture, Nursery, Landscaping and Construction

At Phoenix Enterprises, we offer an extensive, on-ground inventory of the highest quality wood stakes, steel stakes, and wooden posts for the agricultural, nursery, landscaping, and construction communities throughout California, Arizona, and Mexico. Our best-in-class stakes are available with quick and convenient delivery, often in less than 24 hours, for use in orchards, vineyards, farms, and commercial nurseries to provide the best performance and value for your application.


Contact Phoenix Enterprises by phone at 559-271-2377 for more information on how our superior wooden stakes and posts can improve the growth quality of your crops and trees or support your construction project.

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Phoenix Enterprises is your Premium Wood Stakes and Steel Stakes Supplier

Drivability. Lifespan. Suitability.

Derived from wood sourced from our mill, Tioga Pacific Enterprises provides exclusive manufacturing for Phoenix Enterprises, enabling control over sourcing, quality, and volume. We control the entire process from initial cut to delivery from raw wood to the delivered pressure-treated stake.

Responsible, Sustainable Sourcing

Our wood raw material comes from the sustainable forests of Western and Central Oregon and Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We live, eat, and breathe the California agricultural life and understand the needs of our agricultural and nursery neighbors and friends.

US Mill Derived Steel Stakes

Phoenix Enterprises’ steel stakes come DIRECT from a US Mill, made with US equipment by US employees. Nothing imported, only the best performing, top quality products.

Premium Stakes and Posts for All Agricultural Applications

Whether you’re growing berries, nuts, trees, or vegetables, Phoenix Enterprises maintains the largest and most diverse on-ground agricultural wood and steel inventory in California or Arizona. We provide manufactured AG stakes and posts that will improve the growth of a nearly unlimited variety of crops and trees for the following applications:

Crop Applications
crop applications

Premium Stake and Post Options

At Phoenix Enterprises, our Douglas Fir wood stakes and high-grade steel stakes are designed for all types of tree and plant applications, improving crops' and trees' growth quality and maturation. Our wholesale agricultural stakes and posts are always free of knots and mold and are pre-sorted for quality and suitability. Phoenix Enterprises’ stake and post options include:

Agricultural Stakes and Posts

High-Quality Commercial Nursery and Landscaping Supplies

Phoenix Enterprises’ commercial tree and plant stakes are produced from the highest quality Douglas Fir trees, delivering knot-free stakes with consistent quality backed by our 100% usability guarantee. Our premium commercial nursery and landscaping supplies promote positive tree growth, providing advanced protection from wind and inclement weather.

Nursery & Landscaping

Construction and Industrial Stakes

Phoenix Enterprises ensures the best quality cement forming stakes available. Our concrete stakes are sold by the pallet in bundles of 25 for 1" x 2" stakes or 30 for 1" x 3" stakes. We can ship by LTL or Direct truck anywhere in the US. Our premium wood survey stakes, dunnage, and kiln stickers also deliver steadfast support and protection for your industrial application needs.

Construction Stakes Industrial Stakes

Contact Phoenix Enterprises for Premium Metal and Wood Stakes or Posts Today

Contact us for more information regarding our high-quality wood and metal stakes and posts for crop, construction, and industrial applications, or utilize our custom stake selector today. Our premium wood and steel stakes provide a secure foundation so you can start and build your investment correctly.

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